Associate Degree

Diploma in Ministry (86 hours)

Diploma of Ministry, is a program that aims to equip the next generation of Christian leaders for their unique calling in ministry. The structure of this program empowers the student for a spirit-filled ministry, increasing a knowledge of God’s word, while developing communication and interpretation skills, along with spiritual disciplines required for practical application.


Year 1

A total of 42 Credits is required, consisting of fourteen core subjects below for the completion of year one.


BIB100Interpreting the Bible3 credit hours
BIB101The Life of Jesus3 credit hours
BIB200Old Testament Foundations3 credit hours
BIB201New Testament Foundations3 credit hours
BUSI101Foundations of Business3 credit hours
COMM101Speech3 credit hours
COUN101Biblical Crisis Counselling3 credit hours
COUN102Ethics in Counselling3 credit hours
HIST 101Ancient Civilization3 credit hours
MIN101The Life of the Minister3 credit hours
MIN102Prayer3 credit hours
PHIL101Ethics3 credit hours
YMIN101Youth Ministry Foundations3 credit hours
YMIN102Speaking to Students3 credit hours


Year 2

A total of 44 Credits is required, consisting of fourteen core subjects below for the completion of year two.


BIB301The Book of Acts3 credit hours
COMM201Social Media3 credit hours
COMM301Sermon Preparation3 credit hours
COUN201Marriage Counselling3 credit hours
COUN202Family Counselling3 credit hours
COUN302Grief and Trauma Counselling3 credit hours
HIST201Modern Civilisation3 credit hours
HIST301Church History3 credit hours
MIN201Leadership3 credit hours
MIN202Evangelism and Outreach3 credit hours
MIN301Missions3 credit hours
MIN302Group Dynamics3 credit hours
YMIN202Youth Ministry Management3 credit hours